Created Nov 02, 2010

Jeff Williams-2589564

Retired Moocher - I try to read between the lines of everyday life more

Studied math at EKU met my first wife on the steps of the administration building. Our last backpacking trip was on a trial along Salmon La Sack at the base of Mt. Saint Helen the day it blew. She was an existentialist at the time but today a home school teacher living on a Seattle lake. I worked at "the Byte Shop of Ventura" in '79 and '80. They sold Apple II's (III's were out and bombed). The Apple owners would stop by and give "dog and pony" shows to the Apple users group. I worked on Reagan's star wars projected drafting test fixtures for Honeywell in Clearwater. I got caught up in Reagan's recession and learned to build and fly RC sail planes one year. I got into design for the bourbon industry in Louisville and in 1990 started working with CAD. Now the retired moocher. Pro voting rights and unions. I don't like the control the 1% have over the government or lies that news groups create (Murdoch, Rush and Koch brothers as example). I watch and like the shows on MSNBC. I also watch KET and CNN. I do not watch any sports (hell is a holiday with the family in front of the TV with the game on). I spent over ten years without a TV and they were the best years of my life.